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Blackjack Pro is a variation of Blackjack with an increased payout ratio and one of the lowest house edges for any casino game. It originates from the Las Vegas Strip set of rules from Las Vegas casinos back in the 1970s. This one is played with 6 decks, each with a card count of 52. The player can make a prior bonus bet before any cards are dealt. Should any of the cards be a Jack, the player can significantly multiply their Bet winnings, regardless of the outcome of the regular game. Look out for a combination of Two Jacks of Spades to get a Bet multiplier of x100. Worth mentioning are the Double and Split features. You can split your hand up to 3 hands. The dealer always stands on soft or hard 17. A tie results in a Push and your hand is returned. This Las Vegas version of the game definitely deserves the attention of savvy players or just those seeking additional thrills from more bets per round!