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Never the process of guessing the draw has been so exciting: welcome to Jogo DoBicho, the lottery created exclusively by BGaming to show a fragment of Brazilian culture online. The lottery game escaped right from the Zoo in Rio De Janeiro to its streets a long time ago and now it can be played, with a little help from us, in each corner of the planet. The game is based around 25 different animals, with each of them representing 4 numbers from 00 to 99. So, for example, the ostrich was 01/02/03/04, the elephant 45/46/47/48, and so on. When customers entered the zoo they purchased a ticket, and the last two digits of the ticket corresponded to a particular animal. The game rules remained the same to this day, we've made this lottery likable and adrenaline rushing keeping the spirit of the past and present. So, make a bet on a favorite lucky animal or number and feel all the emotion of the draw.