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Do you think you'll become a big winner first "when pigs fly"? Then it's high time to take off for new horizons in Flying Pigs, a video bingo game from Play'n GO that allows you to play on up to four bacon-flavored bingo cards per round. Simply cover one or more of the prize-winning lines or patterns on a card to squeal with the winner's delight! If your card comes close to winning big after the first 30 numbers are drawn, you can buy up to 12 extra balls to boost your chances of living high off the hog! Cover the rectangle or the railroad pattern to trigger the bonus round and win up to 150 times your bet. Herd up your favorite superhero swine for fun and profit - at least until the wicked wild boar charges in to ground your heroic hogs until the next round. Down on the farm, you reap what you sow in Flying Pigs!