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Do you ever dream of a freshly baked tiramisu or a glazed sweet roll? We know you do. Perhaps your appetite is yearning for a cupcake and a French brioche, too? Well, now you can have them all at the same time as part of an entertaining and user-friendly Lucky Sweets video slot. Take in the simple pleasures of life and its sweet treats while basking in the sun by the Seine. Designed to be a purely relaxing experience, Lucky Sweets is meant for the gastro-connoisseurs and bon vivants alike. The 5-reel non-progressive slot with 5 payout combinations comes sans Scatters and Wilds. It is as scrumptious as it is simple. The icing on the cake is a Simple card-guessing Gamble Round that amplifies your taste buds and anticipation with a mouth-watering chance to double your winnings up. Enjoy the luscious taste of victory with Lucky Sweets!